Particle Physics in Birmingham

Mike Kosterlitz; Nobel Laureate 2016

Particle Physics Seminar Programme


Particle Physics in Birmingham

David Thouless; Nobel Laureate 2016

Welcome to the University of Birmingham Particle Physics group seminars page.
Particle Physics Seminars are held on Wednesdays at 1:30pm in the Poynting Small Lecture Theatre (room S06).
The Poynting Building is at R13 on the campus map. Tea, coffee and biscuits are served at 1:15pm.

The agenda is also available at Talks@bham (but this page is updated first).

Speaker suggestions, offers of talks or enquires are very welcome! Please contact Chris Parkinson or Ian Kenyon.

Autumn Term 2017

Date Speaker Institute Title Information
27th September Jacob Kempster Birmingham University Top B physics with the ATLAS experiment [abs]   [pdf]
4th October Phil Allport Birmingham University Overview on Particle Physics Detector R&D [abs]   [pdf]
11th October Frank Krauss Durham University Precision simulation for the LHC and beyond [abs]   [pdf]
18th October Simone Bifani Birmingham University Flavour anomalies at LHCb [abs]   [pdf]
25th October David Hadley Warwick University Hyper-K [abs]   [pdf]
1st November Ioannis Giomataris CEA Saclay MicroMegas and Developments [abs]   [pdf]
8th November Laura Gonella Birmingham University Pixel Detectors: from Segmented Diodes to Monolithic Imaging Sensors [abs]   [pdf]
15th November Andreas Goudelis LPTHE Jussieu Constraining pseudoscalar-mediated dark matter models with the LHC and cosmology [abs]   [pdf]
22nd November Darren Price Manchester University Measuring the Invisible: New Approaches to Dark Matter Searches at Colliders [abs]   
29th November Paul Thompson Birmingham University Higgs' Analyses   
6th December Andy Chisholm CERN Search for Higgs Boson Decays to Heavy Quarks with ATLAS   

Spring Term 2018

Date Speaker Institute Title Information
10th January Phil Burrows Oxford University and RAL Status of a Next Generation Electron-Positron Collider: ILC and CLIC   
17th January Ed Daw Sheffield University ADMX and Axion Dark Matter [abs]   
24th January Jeff Hartnell Sussex University Latest NOvA results, and DUNE   
7th February Matthew Wingate DAMTP Cambridge Lattice QCD   
14th February Tim Gershon Warwick University Quadri- and Penta-Quark States   
21st February Ben Sauer Imperial College Measuring the Electron edm   
28th February Dave Wark RAL All the K's   
7th March Elena Graverini CERN SHiP   
14th March Reserved for Course 4   
21st March Themis Bowcock Liverpool University Muon g-2: The Lighthouse on the Carousel   

Summer Term 2018

Date Speaker Institute Title Information
25th April Orlando Villalobos-Baillie Birmingham University ALICE physics: an update   
16th May Victoria Martin Edinburgh University Higgs' Coupling to Quarks   
30th May Sinead Farrington Warwick University ATLAS and the Upgrade Trigger Processor   

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