Particle Physics in Birmingham

Mike Kosterlitz; Nobel Laureate 2016

Particle Physics Seminar Programme


Particle Physics in Birmingham

David Thouless; Nobel Laureate 2016

Welcome to the University of Birmingham Particle Physics group seminars page.
Particle Physics Seminars are held on Wednesdays at 1:30pm in the Poynting Small Lecture Theatre (room S06) or ZOOM.
The Poynting Building is at R13 on the campus map. Tea, coffee and biscuits are served at 1:15pm.

The agenda is also available at Talks@bham (but this page is updated first).

Speaker suggestions, offers of talks or enquires are welcome! Please contact Angela Romano or Ian Kenyon.

Autumn Term 2020

Date Speaker Institute Title Information
30th Sept Cesar Jesus IFAE Barcelona Super FGD [abs]   [pdf]
7th Oct Clara Nellist CERN Four Tops results from ATLAS [abs]   [pdf]
21st Oct Guido Zavattini INFN Ferrara The XENON1t Excess Electron-recoil Events [abs]   [pdf]
28th Oct Sinead Farrington Edinburgh University Exotics Searches at Colliders, Why and How? [abs]   [pdf]
4th Nov Dario Buttazzo INFN Pisa BSM Lessons from flavour [abs]   [pdf]
11th Nov Joel Swallow Birmingham University NA62 Latest Results [abs]   [pdf]
18th Nov William Barter Imperial College LHCb [abs]   [pdf]
25th Nov Eluned Smith Aachen B->K*mumu [abs]   [pdf]
2nd Dec Gianluca Inguglia Institute for High Energy Physics, Wien Searches for New Interactions at Belle II [abs]   [pdf]
9th Dec Oleg Brandt Cambridge University ANUBIS [abs]   [pdf]
16th Dec Piotr Kalaczynski Polish National Centre for Nuclear Research KM3NeT-ORCA [abs]   [pdf]

Spring Term 2021

Date Speaker Institute Title Information
13th January Pawel Guzowski Manchester University Search for a light Higgs-Portal scalar boson and other New Physics models with MicroBooNE [abs]   [pdf]
20th January Francesco Pandolfi INFN-Roma Carbon Nanostructures for Dark Matter Detection [abs]   
27th January Lukas Koch Oxford University The Mirror cracked.. constraining the Matter-Antimatter Asymmetry with T2K [abs]   
3rd February Patrick Stengel SISSA Paleodetectors [abs]   
10th February Ulrike Schnoor CERN and Glasgow University The Physics Potential of CLIC [abs]   
17th February Javier Galan Zaragosa University Solar Axion Searches, and the next generation Helioscopes [abs]   
24th February Guy Wilkinson Oxford University 91 GeV revisited   
3rd March Stefano Gariazzo Valencia University The Cosmic Neutrino Background   
10th March Panagiotis Bellos Birmingham University Study of Higgs Properties and BSM Search in the 4 Lepton Channel at ATLAS [abs]   
17th March Kristin Lohwasser Sheffield University Photon Collisions at the LHC: Probing the Electroweak Sector [abs]   
24th March Miaoyuan Liu FNAL Accelerated Machine Learning for Triggering [abs]   

Summer Term 2021

Date Speaker Institute Title Information
28th April Daniel Johnson CERN Tetraquarks at LHCb   
5th May Maria Brunetti Warwick University Reconstruction with DUNE   
12th May Mateusz Dyndal CERN Gamma-gamma fusion   
19th May Sergio Palomares-Ruiz University of Valencia ICECUBE/Hese   
2nd June Ben Kilminster University of Zurich DAMIC   
9th June Daniel Winterbottom Imperial College H -> tau tau   
16th June Simon Viel Carleton University, Ottawa DEAP-3600 Results   
23rd June Guido Zavattini INFN Ferrara PVLAS [abs]   

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