Particle Physics in Birmingham

Mike Kosterlitz; Nobel Laureate 2016

Particle Physics Seminar Programme


Particle Physics in Birmingham

David Thouless; Nobel Laureate 2016

Welcome to the University of Birmingham Particle Physics group seminars page.
Particle Physics Seminars are held on Wednesdays at 1:30pm in the Poynting Small Lecture Theatre (room S06).
The Poynting Building is at R13 on the campus map. Tea, coffee and biscuits are served at 1:15pm.

The agenda is also available at Talks@bham (but this page is updated first).

Speaker suggestions, offers of talks or enquires are very welcome! Please contact Angela Romano or Ian Kenyon.

Autumn Term 2019

Date Speaker Institute Title Information
2nd October Raffaella Radogna University College Calorimetry for Proton Beam Therapy [abs]   [pdf]
9th October Tom Neep Birmingham University tt + bb at ATLAS [abs]   [pdf]
16th October Samuel Webb Imperial College CMS Review [abs]   [pdf]
23rd October Patrick Dunne Imperial College High Pressure Gas TPCs [abs]   [pdf]
30th October Sean Paling UKRI STFC, Boulby Mine Postponed to 13th May 2020   
6th November Patrick Knights Birmingham University Dark Matter Search using NEWS-G [abs]   [pdf]
13th November Chris McCabe King's College, London Dark Matter in the Solar System [abs]   [pdf]
20th November Orlando Villalobos-Baillie Birmingham University Review of Bari Conference [abs]   [pdf]
27th November Bill Murray CERN Future Circular Colliders [abs]   [pdf]
4th December Jakub Scholtz Durham University Out-of-the-Box Baryogenesis during Relaxation [abs]   [pdf]
11th December Eva Vilella-Figueras Liverpool University DMAPS Sensors [abs]   [pdf]

Spring Term 2020

Date Speaker Institute Title Information
15th January Tim Greenshaw Liverpool University LhARA [abs]   [pdf]
22nd January Kostas Mavrokoridis Liverpool University ARIADNE: bringing a game changing optical readout to dual-phase LAr TPCs [abs]   [pdf]
29th January Lydia Beresford Oxford University Tau Leptons from Heavy Ion Collisions as a Probe of New Physics [abs]   [pdf]
5th February Michael Nelson Stockholm University Di-Higgs at the LHC: A Window on our Universe and BSM New Matter [abs]   [pdf]
12th February Karim Massri CERN Search for New Physics with NA62 and beyond [abs]   [pdf]
19th February Beate Heinemann DESY Exploring QED in the strong-field regime with the LUXE Experiment [abs]   [pdf]
26th February Matteo Duranti INFN-Perugia The AMS latest results and the impact on the design of future Cosmic Ray Space Experiments [abs]   
4th March Mario Campanelli University College, London SHiP [abs]   
11th March Ioannis Manthos CERN PICOSEC Micromegas Detector [abs]   
18th March Leigh Whitehead Cambridge University Searches for Sterile Neutrinos   
25th March Sinead Farrington Edinburgh University TBA   

Summer Term 2020

Date Speaker Institute Title Information
29th April Dave Newbold RAL DUNE (TBC)   
6th May Peter Battaglia DeepMind Learning Structured Models of Physics   
13th May Sean Paling UKRI STFC, Boulby Mine Science at Boulby Underground Laboratory: Studies at the UK’s Deep Underground Science Facility. [abs]   
20th May Kathrin Valerius IKP Karlsruhe KATRIN   
27th May Dario Buttazzo INFN-Pisa BSM through Flavour and High Energy (TBC)   
3rd June Adam Barton Lancaster University ATLAS J/psi-phi   
10th June Jeff Forshaw Manchester University Probability and Sign in Quantum Field Theory   
17th June Patricia Magalhaes Bristol University Challenges in the Analysis of three-body Heavy Meson Decays   

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