Particle Physics in Birmingham

Birmingham Particle Physics Seminars

Seminar Programme 2014–2015

Particle Physics in Birmingham

Welcome to the University of Birmingham Particle Physics group seminars page.
Particle Physics Seminars are held on Wednesdays at 1:30pm in the Poynting Small Lecture Theatre (room S06).
The Poynting Building is at R13 on the campus map. Tea, coffee and biscuits are served at 1:15pm.

The agenda is also available at Talks@bham (but this page is updated first).

Speaker suggestions, offers of talks or enquires are very welcome! Please contact Antonino Sergi or Chris Hawkes or Ian Kenyon.

Summer 2014

Date Speaker Institute Title Information
Thursday 17th July Phil Allport Liverpool University From Higgs to Healthcare: Developments in Particle Tracking for HL-LHC and Proton Therapy [abs]   [pdf]

Autumn Term 2014

Date Speaker Institute Title Information
1st October Peter Watkins Birmingham University ICHEP 2014 Conference Review [abs]   [pdf]
15th October Paul Thompson Birmingham University The Search with ATLAS for Higgs Decays to Beauty [abs]   [pdf]
22nd October Ian Shipsey Oxford University LSST Moved to Feb 11 2015   
29th October Lee Thompson Sheffield University Current and Future Long Baseline Neutrino Experiments [abs]   [pdf]
5th November Phil Burrows Oxford University The International Linear Collider [abs]   [pdf]
12th November Richard Mudd Birmingham University Higgs Coupling Measurements at ATLAS [abs]   [pdf]
19th November Geoff Hall Imperial College Tracking and Trigger Upgrades of CMS [abs]   [pdf]
26th November Christine Davies Glasgow University What lattice QCD can do for experiment [abs]   [pdf]
3rd December Andrey Golutvin Imperial College, London SHiP Moved to 25th March   
10th December Michal Kreps Warwick University Exotic Meson Spectroscopy [abs]   [pdf]

Spring Term 2015

Date Speaker Institute Title Information
14th January 1400 start Max Baak CERN The Overall Fit to the Standard Model   
21st January Iris Gebauer KIT Karlsruhe AMS   
Thursday 29th January 1700 start Andre Mischke Utrecht Probing Hot QCD Matter   
4th February Christian Beck Queen Mary College, London Axionic Dark Matter Search with Josephson Junctions and SQUIDs   
11th February Ian Shipsey Oxford University LSST [abs]   
18th February Chris Parkinson Birmingham University NA62 Status   
25th February Roxanne Guenette Oxford University Searching for Sterile Neutrinos with LAr detectors   
4th March Annika Lohstroh Surrey University Rad Hard Semiconductor Detectors   
11th March Teppei Katori Queen Mary College, London Tests of Lorentz Invariance and CPT violation with Neutrinos   
18th March Reserved 4th Year Student Project Talks   
25th March Andrey Golutvin Imperial College, London SHiP   

Summer Term 2015

Date Speaker Institute Title Information
29th April Jo Dunkley Oxford University PLANCK Data and Particle Physics   
6th May Jennifer Smillie Edinburgh University Jets, Jets, Higgs and Jets   

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