Birmingham Particle Physics

Seminar Programme 2006-2007

Particle Physics in Birmingham

Particle Physics Seminars take place in room Q12 on Wednesdays at 13:15 . Tea, coffee and biscuits are served at 13:00.

Speaker suggestions or offers of talks very welcome! Please contact Paul Newman or John Wilson for further information.

Summer Term 2007

Date Speaker Institute Title (Abstract)
2 May --- No seminar --- ---- ----
9 May Johannes Knapp Leeds Ultra high energy cosmic rays and the Pierre Auger Observatory
16 May Bino Maiheu UCL An Energy Spectrometer for the ILC
23 May Val Gibson Cambridge The B Physics Programme at LHCb
30 May Fergus Wilson RAL Evidence for D0 / D0bar mixing from BaBar and Belle
6 June Un-Ki Yang Manchester Precision Measurements of the Top Quark Mass at CDF
13 June --- No seminar --- ---- ----
20 June Carlo Nicola Colacino Birmingham The Stochastic Gravitational Wave Background and Early Universe Particle Physics

Spring Term 2007

Date Speaker Institute Title (Abstract)
17 Jan Roman Lietava Birmingham The First Physics with ALICE
24 Jan John Dowell Birmingham History of the Discovery of the W and Z Bosons
31 Jan Katherine George QMUL It's not just about B's : Recent Results from BABAR
7 Feb --- No seminar --- ---- C4 Project talks I this week
14 Feb Bob Brown RAL The CMS experiment and its Electromagnetic Calorimeter
21 Feb --- No seminar ---   Late cancellation to be rearranged
28 Feb Terry Sloan Lancaster Cosmic Rays - the Accelerator that never Breaks
7 Mar Tim Sumner Imperial College London Direct Dark Matter Searches
14 Mar George Lafferty Manchester Tau Physics from B Facrories
21 Mar --- No seminar --- ---- C4 Project Talks II this week
28 Mar Peter Jones Birmingham Jets in Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions

Autumn Term 2006

Date Speaker Institute Title (Abstract)
4 Oct Guy Wilkinson Oxford The LHCb Experiment
11 Oct Oliver Brein Durham Higgs Phenomenology at the LHC
18 Oct Geoff Pearce RAL MINOS Results from the First Year of NuMI Beam
25 Oct Paul Newman Birmingham `Diffractive' Deep-Inelastic Scattering: the Structure of Nothing
1 Nov Stefan Soldner-Rembold Manchester The SuperNEMO Experiment
8 Nov --- No Seminar --- ---- See School Colloquium at 4pm (Bryan Webber on Black Holes at the LHC)
15 Nov Ken Peach John Adams Institute The European Strategy for Particle Physics and its Implementation
22 Nov Mark Lancaster UCL Higgs and New Physics Searches at CDF
29 Nov Steve Bull Birmingham Achievements of the CERN NA57 Experiment
6 Dec --- No seminar ---- See School Colloquium at 4pm (Paul Newman on Proton Structure)
13 Dec Chris Damerell   RAL Vertex Detectors and the Linear Collider

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