Particle Physics Seminars

Particle Physics Seminars take place in the West Seminar Room B02, Physics West, on Wednesdays at 1315, unless listed otherwise. Tea, coffee and biscuits are served at 1300.

Contact John Garvey for further information or to suggest additional speakers.

Autumn Term 2002

Date Speaker Institute Title (Abstract)
2 Oct. No seminar (first week of term)
9 Oct. No seminar
16 Oct. Guy Billings Birmingham Separation of W+W- and ZZ longitudinal gauge boson scattering at the future e+e- linear collider
23 Oct. Nigel Watson Birmingham QCD and Final-State Interactions at LEP
30 Oct. John Garvey Birmingham ICHEP Amsterdam report
6 Nov. Paul Bell Birmingham The ATLAS Semi-conductor tracker System Test
13 Nov. - - -
20 Nov. Tania McMahon Royal Holloway, London Measuring sin(2beta) at BaBar
27 Nov. Paul Thompson Birmingham Measurement of Diffractive J/psi Production with Large Momentum Transfer t at HERA
4 Dec. Jon Butterworth UCL HERA Physics as a Preparation for the LHC
11 Dec. No seminar (many other meetings)
18 Dec. Oliver Henshaw Birmingham HERA-II Physics and Present Status

Spring Term 2003

Date Speaker Institute Title (Abstract)
15 Jan. Tara Shears Liverpool CDF status and prospects for Run 2
22 Jan. No Seminar - -
29 Jan. Nigel Glover Durham Progress in next-to-next to leading order QCD
5 Feb. Ken Long ICSTM Neutrino oscillation experiments in Neutrino Factories
12 Feb. No seminar - IOPP future prospects in HEP meeting -
4 Feb. C4 project talks, N x (15+5min.) Birmingham Programme
19 Feb. Bill Scott Rutherford Laboratory Symmetry in neutrino mixing
26 Feb. Orlando Villalobos-Baillie Birmingham Survey of Heavy Ion Physics
5 Mar. Rory Clarke Birmingham 25/2/03 POSPONED. Talk on strangeness enhancement has been posponed to the Summer Term
12 Mar. Tom Ferbel University of Rochester/ICSTM Novel measurement of the mass of the top quark
19 Mar. Nigel Smith Rutherford Laboratory Search for Wimps in the UK
21 Mar. C4 project talks Birmingham West Seminar Room, 11.00 to 13.00 and 14.00 to 16.00
26 Mar. Paul Bell, Rory Clarke Birmingham Rehearsal talks for IoP Conference. Paul Bell, Quartic Gauge Couplings at Opal, Rory Clarke, Proton-Berylium 40 GeV/c Ananlysis

Summer Term 2003

Date Speaker Institute Title (Abstract)
30 Apr. Philip Harris Sussex Testing Time Reversal: The New Neutron EDM Experiment
7 May Chris Damerell RAL Feedback from Vertex 2002 Conference
14 May John Dowell Birmingham "Nullius in Verba" History and Activities of the Royal Society
21 May Alan Martin Durham High energy diffraction
4 June Kai Zuber Oxford COBRA - A new approach for double beta decay.
11 June Lee Thompson Sheffield Particle and astrophysics on the sea-bed - ANTARES deep-sea neutrino telescope
18 June Ian Kenyon Birmingham WMAP: implications for Particle Physics

Last updated, 28 September 2002.