Particle Physics Seminars

Particle Physics Seminars take place in room B03, Physics West, on Wednesdays at 1315, unless listed otherwise. Tea, coffee and biscuits are served at 1300.

Contact Nigel Watson for further information or to suggest additional speakers.

Autumn Term 2000

Date Speaker Institute Title (Abstract)
4 Oct. No HEP seminar Alternative: Nuclear Physics seminar, (Prof. N. Booth, Oxf, room B3, 1530) Particle and Photon Spectroscopy with Superconducting Devices
11 Oct. Dr. Adrian Signer Durham Determination of the mass of the bottom quark
18 Oct. Dr. Andrew Kirk Birmingham Making the vacuum cleaner
23 Oct., West Seminar room Dr. Philip Harris Sussex The search for the neutron EDM
1 Nov. Dr. Alfons Weber Oxford MINOS - The Main Injector Neutrinos Oscillation Search
8 Nov. Dr. Bill Murray RAL Searches for SUSY and Higgs at LEP
15 Nov. Dr. Ian Blair RAL / QMW Neutrino Physics at KARMEN
22 Nov. Dr. Steve King Southampton Towards a theory of neutrino mass
29 Nov. Dr. Philip Burrows Oxford Developments and plans for the next Linear Collider
6 Dec.,West Seminar room, 12:00 Dr. Paul Newman Birmingham The HERA upgrade and the H1 Fast Track Trigger
13 Dec., postponed until Spring term Dr. Claire Shepherd-Themistocleous Cambridge The LHCb experiment and its physics potential

Spring Term 2001

Date Speaker Institute Title (Abstract)
17 Jan. Prof. Richard Galik Cornell CLEO at CESR: More Than Just B Physics
24 Jan. - - -
31 Jan. Dr. Jeff Forshaw Manchester Physics without a light Higgs
Fri. 9 Feb., 1500, Lecture theatre C, Watson C4 project talks, 9 x (10+5min.) Birmingham Programme
14 Feb. Dr. Gunnar Bali Glasgow Hadron spectroscopy - prospects from the lattice
21 Feb. Prof. Neil Spooner Sheffield Update on WIMP dark matter searches and the Boulby programme
28 Feb. Prof. Graham Ross Oxford Phenomenology of large extra dimensions
7 Mar. Dr. Vitaly Kudryavtsev Sheffield Neutrino astrophysics programme at Boulby mine
Thurs. 15 Mar., Lecture Theatre B, Watson, 1100-1300, 1400-1800 C4 project talks, 9 x (20+10min.) Birmingham Programme
21 Mar. - - -
28 Mar. Dr. John Matheson RAL The LEP Energy Spectrometer
4 Apr. - - -
11 Apr. - - -

Last updated, 26 March 2001.