Particle Physics Seminars

Particle Physics Seminars usually take place in the West Seminar Room 1 (Room 103), Physics West, on Wednesdays at 1315, unless listed otherwise. Tea, coffee and biscuits are served at 1300.

Contact Steve Hillier or Paul Thompson for further information or to suggest additional speakers.

Autumn Term 2003

Date Speaker Institute Title (Abstract)
1 Oct.     No seminar
8 Oct.     No seminar
15 Oct. Gilles Mahout Birmingham ATLAS Level-1 Calorimeter Trigger Status
22 Oct. Chris Hawkes Birmingham Observation by BaBar of Two New Narrow Ds States
29 Oct. Rory Clarke Birmingham Strangeness Enhancement in Heavy Ion collisions at the SPS
5 Nov. Paul Newman Birmingham Deep Inelastic Lepton-Nucleon Scattering at HERA
12 Nov. Jonathan Prance Birmingham Animated CMS visualisation: a CERN summer student project
19 Nov. Keith Mathieson Glasgow From particle detectors to retinal studies
26 Nov. Alan Watson Birmingham Towards Alpha and Gamma at the B Factories
3 Dec. Alfons Weber RAL The NuMI Off-Axis Experiment
10 Dec. Todd Huffman Oxford Why B Physics is Interesting

Spring Term 2004

Date Speaker Institute Title (Abstract)
14 Jan.     No seminar
21 Jan. Ruben Saakyan UCL Present status of double beta decay and the NEMO experiment
28 Jan. Mark Thomson Cambridge Neutrino Oscillations and the MINOS Experiment
2 Feb. C4 project talks, 3 x (20+5min.) Birmingham Programme
4 Feb.     No seminar
11 Feb. Carlo Ungarelli Birmingham String Theory in a Nutshell: Beyond the Standard Model of Particle Physics
18 Feb. Nikos Konstantinidis UCL Online Tracking for the Trigger of ATLAS
25 Feb.     No seminar (AUT strike)
3 Mar. Terry Sloan Lancaster Can we Listen for High Energy Neutrinos?
10 Mar.     No seminar (but note School Colloquim by David Wark)
15 Mar. C4 project talks, 3 x (30+10min.) Birmingham Programme
17 Mar. Stefan Soldner-Rembold Manchester Protons in the Prairie - Status and Perspectives of the D0 Experiment
24 Mar. Cristina Lazzeroni Cambridge Recent results from the NA48 experiment at CERN

Summer Term 2004

Date Speaker Institute Title (Abstract)
28 Apr.     No seminar
5 May     No seminar
12 May     No seminar
19 May Kelly Ford Birmingham Charmless Branching Fraction Studies of B0->Ks0pi+pi- at BaBar
26 May Thomas Teubner Liverpool Testing the SM at highest precision: g-2 of the muon and alpha_QED(M_Z)
2 June     No seminar
9 June Roger Jones Lancaster Grids and Particle Physics: a UK perspective
16 June Juergen Thomas Birmingham Supersymmetric Higgs-Bosons in hadronic final states at ATLAS

Last updated, 3 December 2003.