Particle Physics in Birmingham

Mike Kosterlitz; Nobel Laureate 2016

Particle Physics Seminar Programme


Particle Physics in Birmingham

David Thouless; Nobel Laureate 2016

Welcome to the University of Birmingham Particle Physics group seminars page.
Particle Physics Seminars are held on Wednesdays at 1:30pm in the Poynting Small Lecture Theatre (room S06).
The Poynting Building is at R13 on the campus map. Tea, coffee and biscuits are served at 1:15pm.

The agenda is also available at Talks@bham (but this page is updated first).

Speaker suggestions, offers of talks or enquires are very welcome! Please contact Chris Parkinson or Ian Kenyon.

Summer 2018

Date Speaker Institute Title Information
29th June Friday 1330 Room 103 Ioannis Katsioulas Paris-Saclay Light Dark Matter Searches with the NEWS-G Experiment [abs]   [pdf]

Autumn Term 2018: all but last in SLT

Date Speaker Institute Title Information
3rd October Laura Gonella Birmingham University The ATLAS Inner Tracker detector for the High-Luminsity LHC upgrade [abs]   [pdf]
10th October Stephen Farry Liverpool University Forward Top Production at LHCb [abs]   [pdf]
17th October Francesca Bellini CERN Strangeness Production from Large to Small Systems [abs]   [pdf]
24th October Nassim Bozorgnia Durham University The Local Dark Matter Distribution from Simulations [abs]   [pdf]
31st October Andy Chisholm Birmingham University ICHEP Review [abs]   [pdf]
7th November James Beacham Ohio State University moved to 20th February   
14th November Viacheslav Duk Birmingham University Hidden Sector Searches at NA62 [abs]   [pdf]
21st November Neil Lambert King's College London Gauge Theories from the 11th Dimension [abs]   [pdf]
28th November Nick Evans Southampton University The AdS/CFT Correspondence and the Origin of Mass [abs]   [pdf]
5th December Sam Cunliffe DESY Status and prospects of the Belle2 experiment [abs]   [pdf]
12th December venue W117 Agni Bethani University of Manchester Double Higgs production at ATLAS [abs]   [pdf]

Spring Term 2019: all in West 117

Date Speaker Institute Title Information
16th January Christoph Englert Glasgow University Three Avenues for LHC Higgs Phenomenology [abs]   [pdf]
23rd January 1315 start Matthew Kenzie Cambridge University LHCb Review [abs]   [pdf]
30th January Gavin Hesketh University College, London Mu2e, Mu3e and g-2 [abs]   [pdf]
6th February Christine Davies Glasgow University Turning the screws on the Standard Model: theory predictions for the anomalous magnetic moment of the muon [abs]   [pdf]
13th February Clark Griffith Sussex University Electric Dipole Moment Searches [abs]   [pdf]
20th February James Beacham Duke University Avant-garde LHC [abs]   
27th February Alfons Weber Oxford University DUNE and FNAL Neutrino Beams [abs]   [pdf]
6th March Gavin Salam Oxford University The Lund jet plane: organising QCD radiation at colliders [abs]   [pdf]
13th March Xianguo Lu Oxford University Neutrino Interactions in the GeV Regime [abs]   [pdf]
20th March Eliezer Rabinovici Racah Institute of Physics On the Phases of Gravity [abs]   
27th March Gavin Davies Imperial College postponed   

Summer Term 2019: all in SLT

Date Speaker Institute Title Information
1st May Paul Newman Birmingham University Elastic and Diffractive Scattering at the LHC [abs]   
8th May Sarah Boutle Glasgow University cancelled   
15th May Sebastian Trojanowski Sheffield University Looking forward to new physics with FASER: Forward Search Experiment at the LHC [abs]   [pdf]
22nd May James Brooke Bristol University MilliQan [abs]   [pdf]
29th May Jens Dopke Rutherford Laboratory Reading Charcoal [abs]   
5th June Rebecca Chislett University College London g-2 at FNAL [abs]   [pdf]
12th June Linda Cremonesi University College London ANITA [abs]   [pdf]
19th June Tim Burns Swansea University Coupled-channel dynamics for LHCb pentaquarks [abs]   [pdf]

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