Notes from 14-Sep-2006 Telephone Meeting

"Present": Anne-Marie Magnan, Paul Dauncey, Fabrizio Salvatore, Mike Green, Michele Faucci Gianelli, David Ward, Wenbiao Yan, George Mavromanolakis, Yoshi Mikami, Nigel Watson

Notes from 10-Aug-2006 meeting

  1. Updates from the CERN run
    Options for test beam runs in 2006, ongoing discussion about whether to request beam time at CERN (May 2007), thereafter moving to FNAL (July 2007), or to set up all runs in 2007 at FNAL. Running possible at FNAL Aug. 2007-Mar-2008?

  2. Test beam models in Mokka - Fabrizio
    Still ongoing tests of minor change to G4/Mokka from Dave B. for more general random number seed handling [DB/Fab/NKW - now understood, problem caused by Mokka looking for G4 header in G4 "global" include directory first, if it exists, rather than in each package sub-dir - noted for any future changes made to G4!]. Will try small sample generation in each of RHUL/Manch/BHam and aim for statistical compatibility rather than exact event-by-event agreement as not distributing mokka binary.
    G4 world volume increased frmo +-10m to +-50m to allow beamline elements to be included. Do we need to have a model in Mokka which includes TCMT alone (there was a short running period in this configuration)?
    TC thickness, actual was ~1.5m (George) unlike ~0.9m in simulation.
    Simulation of trigger scintillators also required.
    Simulation of upstream components - collimators also to be included? These may be more than 50m away from detector origin. Probably not useful.

  3. Other presentations for Calice meeting at CERN
    Details in agenda of meeting Michele - drift chamber efficiency; ZHH analysis
    Fab - Mokka-06-02 status
    David W. - test beam data/MC comparisons
    Anne-Marie - digitisation status
    George - Monitoring s/w
    Matthew - DAQ Future

  4. Content of Calice talk at LCUK meeting (26-Sep, Durham) - Anne-Marie
    Much material will be available from the Calice meeting, summary of new developments since last meeting (May-2006). Final talk: .ppt

  5. Planning (for Oversight Committee): Mike Green's email