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Local Grid Machines

A database of useful information related to the Birmingham Grid Machines.

Physical Machines

Name Arch Prod? IP MAC OS Cfengine Role Function Other Notes
epgpe01 x86_64 No 00:1E:C9:46:FD:F6 SL 5.3 vmhosts/epgpe01 VM Host 7626Mb RAM. Hosts VM epgr07 and epgr08.
epgpe02 x86_64 No 00:1E:C9:47:08:14 SL 5.3 vmhosts/epgpe02 VM Host 7626Mb RAM. Hosts VM epgr03 and epgr04.
epgpe03 x86_64 No 00:1E:C9:56:A5:16 SL 5.3 vmhosts/epgpe03 VM Host 7626Mb RAM. Hosts VM epgr01 and epgr02.
epgpe04 x86_64 No 00:1E:C9:56:AC:87 SL 5.3 vmhosts/epgpe04 VM Host Hosts VM epgr05 and epgr06.
epgpe10 x86_64 No A4:BA:DB:52:70:F3 SL 5.4 vmhosts/epgpe10 VM Host Hosts VM epgr09, epgr10 and epgr11.
epgce2 i386 No 00:30:48:72:F2:1B SL 4.6 - - Bad RAM. Restrict boot to mem=1024
epgse1 i386 Yes A4:BA:DB:52:69:B8 SL 5.4 dpm_head_node SE_dpm_mysql
epgsr1 x86_64 Yes 00:26:b9:7c:32:cc SL 5.3 dpm_pool_nodes/epgsr1 DPM Pool Node. Also hosts experiment software, available for NFS mounts  
epgsr2 x86_64 Yes 00:26:B9:7C:32:D5 SL 5.3 dpm_pool_nodes/epgsr2 DPM Pool Node Network bonded.
epgsr3 x86_64 Yes B8:AC:6F:7E:2B:96 SL 5.4 dpm_pool_nodes/epgsr3 DPM Pool Node Network bonded.
epgsr4 x86_64 Yes - B8:AC:6F:7F:40:8D SL 5.4 dpm_pool_nodes/epgsr4 DPM Pool Node Network bonded.
epgmo1 i386 No 00:30:48:72:F2:E9 SL 4.6 mon_box Cfengine/DHCP Previously also managed glite3.1 Apel
epgd01-24 x84_64 Yes - SL 5.3 glexec_wn WN for epgr02. gLite 3.2 Experiment software areas mounted on epgsr1.
epaf17 i386 Yes 00:30:48:72:F3:79 SL 5.3 dpm_mysql_server DPM MySQL? host
epaf18 i386 No 00:30:48:72:e3:07 SL 5.3 - -

Virtual Machines

Name Host Arch Production IP MAC OS Cfengine Role Function Other Notes
epgr01 epgpe03 x86_64 Yes 00:16:3E:FB:C7:FA SL 5.3 atlas_squid ATLAS Squid -
epgr02 epgpe03 x86_64 Yes 00:16:3E:0F:53:61 SL 4.6 ce/twin_lcg_ce SL5 Twin CE -
epgr03 epgpe02 x86_64 Yes 00:16:3E:60:55:9C SL 5.3 twin_alice_vobox ALICE VOBox -
epgr04 epgpe02 x86_64 Yes 00:16:3E:21:70:B6 SL 4.6 ce/bb_lcg_ce LCG CE for BB -
epgr05 epgpe04 x86_64 Yes 00:16:3e:8a:cd:21 SL 5.3 ce/twin_cream_ce Cream CE for local twins. Hosts torque server used by epgr02. -
epgr06 epgpe04 x86_64 Yes 00:16:3e:27:51:24 SL 5.3 argus_server ARGUS server for local twins. -
epgr07 epgpe01 x86_64 Yes 00:16:3E:A8:67:66 SL 5.3 ce/bb_cream_ce Cream CE for BB -
epgr08 epgpe01 x86_64 No 00:16:3E:53:AB:61 SL 5.3 web_mon WebMon? . -
epgr09 epgpe10 x86_64 Yes 00:16:3e:3b:a4:eb SL 5.4 site_bdii Site BDII -
epgr10 epgpe10 x86_64 Yes 00:16:3e:26:a1:80 SL 5.4 bb_alice_vobox ALICE VOBox for BB -
epgr11 epgpe10 x86_64 Yes 00:16:3e:70:5b:46 SL 5.4 apel Apel Apel Accounting
epgr12 epgpe10 x86_64 No 00:16:3e:26:47:ee SL5.4 dpm_mysql_server MySQL? Server for DPM -
epgr13 - - No 00:16:3e:34:c4:06 - - - -

-- ChristopherCurtis - 11 Nov 2009

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