Web Secure Access

Accessing group web pages using your certificate

Author: L.S.Lowe. File: websecure. This update 20110603 Part of Guide to the Local System.

When you're away at CERN or at home, it's occasionally useful to be able to see the internal group web pages. Previously this has only been possible if you are on a select set of known machines, or when using a VNC or X session inside one of our interactive servers (eprexa/eprexb). However, you probably already know that you can update the TWiki pages as an authorised member of our group, from anywhere in the world, if you have your eScience certificate in your browser.

This has now been extended so that your certificate also allows you access to restricted areas of our web-site, such as the group/ area. This works when you are in https mode, such that either your PC location, or your certificate, is recognised.

The simplest way of access, starting from our external home page, is to click on the Facilities section on the side-bar, look for the heading Secure Access (https) in the main body of that page, and then click on the Internal group pages link in that section.

If anybody wants to set-up another area of the web-site such that it is similarly restricted to some (other) set of certificates, let me know.

Note: https access may not function correctly via some web proxies. To ensure you are not accessing via a web proxy, check Firefox Preferences -> Advanced -> Network -> Settings -> Direct Connection.