Dr M W Slater

Position:Senior Computer Officer / Research Fellow
Room:West 317


Mark Slater is the System Administrator for the Particle Physics Group Computing Facilities. He manages both the local group resources consisting of:

  • 256 core batch farm
  • 500TB disk storage
  • 70+ desktops
  • Associated services (web servers, login nodes, etc.)

  • and the Grid Site used by the experiments to process data coming from the LHC, which consists of:
  • > 1PB of storage
  • ~1200 core batch farm
  • Several Grid-specifc services

  • In addition to these local commitments, he also provides expert support for computing in LHCb and ATLAS. This can involve direct shift work on grid services, application development (primarily the Ganga project) and general user support.

    Finally, Mark also contributed to teaching and helps run second and third year undergraduate computing labs as well as co-running a post graduate course on C++.