Dr D Spathara

Position:UKRI Fellowship (Horizon Europe Guarantee)
Projects:PureAlloys, NEWS-G
Room:West 213


Dimitra has been awarded a UKRI Fellowship (Horizon Europe Guarantee), initially awarded as a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Global Post-doctoral Fellowship. The PureAlloys project aims at the development of new ultra-pure, high-strength, electroformed CuCr alloys for the next generation detectors for rare event searches (e.g. Dark Matter).

Dimitra received her degree in Materials Science & Engineering from the University of Ioannina, Greece. She completed the MSc at Sustainable Energy Systems in 2013 at the University of Edinburgh before starting her PhD project in the School of Metallurgy & Materials, University of Birmingham. Dimitra collaborated with Rolls-Royce plc on the industrial challenges of single crystal Ni-based superalloys, during investment casting and heat treatments. This collaboration was further strengthened in her role as Casting Development Research Fellow for the High Temperature Research Centre (HTRC). She developed physics-based models for surface reactions on metallic substrate of multi-component alloys. These improved our understanding on mechanisms such as elemental surface sublimation, physical vapour deposition and high temperature oxidation of single crystal Ni-based superalloys.

She joins the Particle Physics group following a period with the Energy Materials Group in the University of Birmingham, as a member of Faraday Institution. In the context of the Multi-scale Modelling (MSM) project she focused on the thermodynamic, kinetic and physical parameters for the development of physics-based multi-scale battery models.

Within the PureAlloys project, she will develop her expertise on electrolyte-electrode (metallic) interfaces, in collaboration with Particle Physicists and Chemists. This directly links with her interest on the evolution of materials thermodynamic, kinetic and electrochemical properties during processes that involve interfaces.