Dr C J Parkinson

Position:Research Fellow
Room:West 213


Chris Parkinson is a research fellow working on the NA62 experiment at CERN. His research is centred on using rare Μeson decays to test the predictions of the Standard Model.

At NA62 Chris is heavily involved in the trigger system. He has contributed trigger firmware for two of the detectors, and is responsible for the trigger system from a data-quality perspective. He also authors trigger-related software tools that are available in the NA62 software framework.

Chris is also heavily involved in running the NA62 experiment. He has spent countless hours in the control room at CERN, either acting as run coordinator or as on-call expert for several systems. He is responsible for the training of NA62 operators.

Chris spends his remaining time measuring the form factor parameters of the K+ to pi+mu+mu- decay, which is a direct (2nd generation) analogue of the rare B meson decays that currently show a striking discrepancy with the predictions of the Standard Model. This is an area of particular interest for Chris since he has worked on the same rare B meson decays in the past.

Chris is also engaged with the wider HEP community as a member of the IOP HEPP committee, and is a particle physics representative of the UoB research associate network.