Minutes for 07-Feb-2006 Telephone meeting

Present: Anne-Marie Magnon Paul Dauncey, Hakan Yilmaz, Fabrizio Salvatore, Michele Faucci-Gianelli, Mike Green, Chris Targett-Adams, George Mavromanolakis, David Ward, Wenbiao Yan, Yoshi Mikami, Nigel Watson
Minutes: Nigel

  1. Notes from 24-Jan meeting

  2. Updates

  3. Discussion of evolving task list - volunteers
    Long discussion of what we understood (or did not) about the different items on this list. Revised list made public and sent to CALICE mailing list, with intention of discussion at the 6-Mar meeting at UCL, and assignment of names to tasks (to actually carry out the studies). Integration with activity in HCAL in many areas would be natural but we do not have this information at present.

  4. Plans for LCWS / ILC s/w meeting at Cambridge
  5. Next steps