Previous work in LHCb

Some initial work going on in Bristol (2nd year student plus Nick Brook)


The ψ(3770) is an excited state of charmonium and is the closest resonance to the DDbar threshold. It is therefore expected to decay strongly almost entirely to two D mesons. However, the BESII collaboration has reported a non-negligible measured branching fraction to non-DD as ([1]. The CLEO collaboration has published measurements that are consistent with a negligble branching fraction.

So far the ψ(3770) has not been seen at a hadron collider. Observation of ψ(3770)→μμ at LHCb and study of the decay to light hadrons, eg. ψ(3770)→ηΦ may aid in settling the discrepancy.

Experimental Papers

Theoretical Papers

-- NigelWatson - 23 May 2013

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