Institutional Comments

Our group's reading responsibilities are set by the LHCb Editorial Board

List of group members who are requested to make institutional comments to LHCb papers under review.

N Senior Student PAPER CDS Deadline
1 Nigel Luca PAPER-2013-057 05-Oct-2013
2 Simone Pete PAPER-2013-065 14-Jan-2014
3 Cristina Luca PAPER-2014-006 10-Mar-2014
4 Simone Jimmy PAPER-2014-021 01-May-2014
5 Cristina Pete DP-2013-002 30-Jun-2014
6 Nigel Jimmy PAPER-2014-064 25-Nov-2014
7 Simone Luca PAPER-2015-024 08-Jun-2015
8 Cristina Tim PAPER-2015-040 13-Nov-2015
9 Simone Kristian PAPER-2015-058 18-Dec-2015
10 Nigel Tim PAPER-2015-053 10-Dec-2015
11 Cristina Georgios PAPER-2016-007 9-Mar-2016
12 Nigel Tim PAPER-2016-017 02-Jun-2016
13 Simone Georgios PAPER-2016-037 29-Jul-2016
14 Cristina Tim PAPER-2016-028 29-Jul-2016
15 Nigel Kristian PAPER-2016-042 2-Sep-2016
16 Cristina Georgios CONF-2016-013 13-Sep-2016
17 Simone Tim PAPER-2016-050 16-Nov-2016
18 Nigel Georgios PAPER-2016-056 25-Nov-2016
19 Cristina Kristian PAPER-2017-001 10-Feb-2017
20 Nigel Tim CONF-2017-002 20-Mar-2017
21 Cristina Georgios PAPER-2017-016 6-Jun-2017
22 Simone Kristian PAPER-2017-041 3-Nov-2017
23 Phil Tim PAPER-2018-007 6-Mar-2018
24 Tonino Georgios PAPER-2018-012 24-Apr-2018
25 Nigel Jon PAPER-2018-019 17-May-2018
26 Tonino Ryan PAPER-2018-026 2-Jun-2018
27 Nigel Naomi PAPER-2020-006 18-Mar-2020
28 Simone Paul PAPER-2020-014 13-Jun-2020
29 Phil Jon PAPER-2020-019 24-Jul-2020
30 Tonino Naomi      
31 Nigel Paul      
32 Simone Jon      
33 Phil Naomi      
34 Tonino Paul      
35 Nigel Jon      
36 Simone Naomi      
37 Phil Paul      
38 Tonino Jon      
39 Nigel Naomi      
40 Simone Paul      
41 Phil Jon      
42 Tonino Naomi      
43 Nigel Paul      
44 Simone Jon      
45 Phil Naomi      
46 Tonino Paul      
47 Nigel Jon      
48 Simone Naomi      

--Main.SimoneBifani - 22 Aug 2013

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