Initialising a fresh PC or fresh disk for ALLiE

    1. Boot from a CDROM/USBdisk created from an ISO of gparted, or Fedora install, or other Live Linux system, and get to the stage where you have obtained a root prompt
    2. Partition the drive in the same way as in the above-mentioned kickstart %pre section
    3. Issue mkfs -t ext3 -L sys /dev/sdaN  substituting suitable values for sys and N
    4. Issue mount /dev/sdaN /mnt
    5. Issue rsync -a rsyncserver::system-module /mnt
    6. Perform operations that would normally be done in the kickstart %post section, including:
    7. Run the /root/ script to provide the image overlay, which after reboot will take on the task of updating the system and installing other systems;
    8. Run the command in the kickstart %post which creates the masterboot partition, so you can boot.