Particle Physics Seminar, 1 June, 2005

Particle Physics Seminar

Date: Wednesday 1st June 2005

Title: Proton Structure at H1

Speaker: Dr Ethan-Etienne Woehrling (Birmingham)


The HERA accelerator is unique in it's ability to probe the structure of the proton using colliding electron-proton beams. The results of inclusive charged and neutral current measurements, taken by the H1 collaboration, are shown. The details of proton structure functions are also presented, as well as the Parton Distribution Functions obtained using the H1 method. The 2000-2002 HERA and H1 upgrades are introduced, with a discussion of the physics challenges to post-upgrade data-taking, and the potential of analysis using a polarised lepton beam.

This Particle Physics Seminar will take place in Seminar Room 2 (room 106), Physics West, at 1315. Tea, coffee and biscuits will be served at 1300.