Particle Physics Seminar, 1 February, 2006

Particle Physics Seminar

Date: Wednesday 1th February 2006

Title: ATLAS Inner Tracker Upgrade for the SLHC

Speaker: Dr Joost Vossebeld (Liverpool)


The construction of the ATLAS experiment is entering into its final year and first collisions are expected in less that 2 years from today. At the same time work has started looking into what the program for the LHC and ATLAS might be several years down the line. Around 2015, after about 5 years of "high luminosity" LHC running, an upgrade to the LHC to achieve an increase in luminosity by as much as a factor 10 is considered (Super-LHC). The current inner tracker will not survive in the resulting high rate environment. Implications of the SLHC environment on the design of a replacement inner tracker are discussed.

This Particle Physics Seminar will take place in Seminar Room 2 (room 106), Physics West, at 1315. Tea, coffee and biscuits will be served at 1300.