Particle Physics Seminar, 11 February, 2004

Particle Physics Seminar

Date: Wednesday 11th February 2004

Title: String theory in a nutshell: beyond the standard model of particle physics

Speaker: Dr Carlo Ungarelli (Birmingham)

The aim of this talk is to provide a simple overview of string theory and its possible observable consequences. I will start by outlining the main features of the standard model and its shortcomings, focusing in particular on the difficulties related to the quantization of the gravitational field. I will then discuss how string theory provides a consistent framework to describe all the interactions, including gravity. In the second part of the talk I will discuss how recent developments in string theory yield to a possible solution for the hierarchy problems and to some prediction that can be tested in future particle accelerators such as LHC.

Particle Physics Seminars take place in room 103, Physics West, on Wednesdays at 1315, unless listed otherwise. Tea, coffee and biscuits are served at 1300.