Particle Physics Seminar, 20 Nov. 2002

Particle Physics Seminar

Date: Wednesday 20th November 2002

Title:Measurement of sin(2beta) at BaBar

Speaker: Tania McMahon (Royal Holloway)



The violation of charge-parity (CP) symmetry is believed to be a key ingredient in understanding the observed imbalance between matter and anti-matter in the universe. However, the mechanism through which CP violation arises remains one of the least tested areas of particle physics. In the Standard Model, the theory of CP violation is embodied in the CKM mixing matrix, leading to the definition of the unitarity triangle with its three angles alpha, beta and gamma.

The advent of the B-factories at SLAC and KEK have heralded a new chapter in the experimental measurement of CP violation. The measurement of the angle beta of the unitarity triangle and with it the first observation of CP violation with B mesons has been one of the primary goals of the BaBar experiment at SLAC. The huge dataset now available is making a precision measurement of this CP violating parameter possible. In addition, by comparing the measurement from different B decay modes, effects arising from physics beyond the Standard Model may yet be observed.

This Particle Physics Seminar takes place in room Orlit O2, on Wednesday at 1315. Tea, coffee and biscuits are served at 1300.