Particle Physics Seminar, 10 May, 2006

Particle Physics Seminar

Date: Wednesday 10th May 2006

Title: Diffractive Physics as a tool to study new physics at the LHC

Speaker: Prof Valery Khoze (IPPP, University of Durham)


There has been increasing interest in the past few years in the possibility of using dffractive processes as a search tool for new physics at the LHC. We discuss the theoretical motivations behind recent proposals to add forward proton tagging detectors to the LHC experiments.
We show that the so called central exclusive production (CEP) processes may provide an exceptionally clean environment to search for, and identify the nature of, new particles at the LHC. These studies are at the heart of the recent FP-420 R&D project.
The main emphasis is on Higgs production,where the central system could consist of 2-b-quark jets or WW*, and no other activity. Special attention is paid to the Higgs sector of the MSSM, where the CEP is found to have special advantages as compared to the traditional non-diffractive strategies.
We briefly discuss the current diffractive programs at the Tevatron and HERA, focussing on measurements which have a direct impact on the case for forward detectors at the LHC.
We show that the physics program with the tagged forward protons is in many aspects complementary to both, the standard approaches at hadronic colliders, and to the studies at a future linear collider.

This Particle Physics Seminar will take place in Seminar Room 2 (room 106), Physics West, at 1315. Tea, coffee and biscuits will be served at 1300.