Particle Physics Seminar, 29 October, 2003

Particle Physics Seminar

Date: Wednesday 29th October 2003

Title: Strangeness Enhancement in Heavy Ion collisions at the SPS

Speaker: Rory Clarke (Birmingham)

The NA57 experiment is continuing work from the WA97 experiment that detected a significant enhancement in the production of strange particles in heavy ion collision experiments at beam momenta of 160 GeV/c conducted at the SPS collider at CERN. This enhancement of strange particles indicated that a new state of matter speculated by theory had indeed been formed where a deconfined plasma of quarks and gluons exist at the extream energy densities produced by these collisions. The NA57 experiments motivation is to further investigate the transition from hadronic to plasma phase boundary by studying heavy ion collisions at 160GeV/c and a lower beam momentum of 40GeV/c with a greater centrality range than WA97.

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