Particle Physics Seminar, 24 November, 2004

Particle Physics Seminar

Date: Wednesday 24th November 2004

Title: Discovering and exploring supersymmetry with the Large Hadron Collider

Speaker: Dr Alan Barr (Cambridge)


One of the primary goals of ATLAS is to search for and explore TeV-scale supersymmetry (SUSY). There are various theoretically-motivated models which seek to explain the mechanism of supersymmetry breaking. The job of the experimentalist is to ensure that we have sensitivity in the appropriate regions, so that SUSY can be discovered, but also to be able to distinguish between these competing models, and to constrain their parameters.

This Particle Physics Seminar will take place in Seminar Room 2 (room 106), Physics West, at 1315. Tea, coffee and biscuits will be served at 1300.