Particle Physics in Birmingham

Particle Physics Seminar

Wednesday 13th January 2016 at 13:00
Poynting Small Lecture Theatre

(tea, coffee and biscuits served at 12:45)

The Λb Baryon at the LHCb Experiment

Peter Griffith (Birmingham University)


B-mesons have proved to be an invaluable tool in studying a wide range of Standard Model physics, such as CP violation, FCNC decays and the precise measurement of CKM parameters. The Large Hadron Collider beauty (LHCb) experiment presents us with the best opportunity yet to extend these studies fully into the baryonic sector of b-physics. This seminar will discuss the benefits and the challenges that arise from these complementary baryonic studies and will give an outline of the recent results from LHCb concerning the Λb baryon, including the recent pentaquark discovery in the Λb -> J/Ψ p K channel and with a focus on the ongoing search for the rare FCNC decay Λb -> pK μ μ.