Particle Physics in Birmingham

Particle Physics Seminar

Wednesday 25th November 2015 at 13:30
Poynting Small Lecture Theatre

(tea, coffee and biscuits served at 13:15)

The Search for Higgs pair production in the final state γ γ bb with the ATLAS Detector

Nansi Andari (CERN)


The Higgs boson pair production provides the possibility of studying the trilinear Higgs couplings at future high-energy colliders. However new physics can significantly enhance the rate of this production which makes this topic one of the most important searches to be performed with Run II data at LHC. The ATLAS collaboration already published searches with Run I data using 20fb-1 of pp collisions at 8 TeV. One of the most promising final states, hh → γγbb, shows an excess of the order of 2.4 sigmas in its non-resonant search. A 95% confidence level upper limit on the cross section times branching ratio of non-resonant production is set at 2.2 pb, while the expected limit is 1.0 pb. The corresponding limit observed for a narrow resonance ranges between 0.7 and 3.5 pb as a function of its mass. The seminar will cover the details of this analysis in particular.