Particle Physics in Birmingham

Particle Physics Seminar

Wednesday 16th March 2022 at 13:30

(coffee served at 13:15)

Determination of the W Mass at LHCb

Miguel Ramos-Pernas (Warwick University)


The measurement of the W boson mass is of high relevance to the particle physics community due to its direct relationship with other Electroweak observables. The LHCb experiment has recently published a measurement of this quantity on a completely different kinematic regime to any other previous experiment. The result, in agreement with other experiments and with the Standad Model (SM) prediction, was achieved using only 1.6fb-1 of the available data sample collected in the Run 2 of the LHC (~5.6 fb-1), and it constitutes a milestone for the realization of high-precision measurements at LHCb. Ongoing studies are being carried out in order to analyze the full Run 2 data sample, which will allow to reach a statistical sensitivity to the W boson mass below 20 MeV. At this point the analysis will be dominated by systematic uncertainties, for which several efforts are taken place in order to improve the understanding of the physics modelling and the detector response. The talk will comprise an explanation on the analysis published by the LHCb Collaboration together with the developments that are currently being carried out by both the experimental and theoretical communities in order to achieve a sensitivity on the W boson mass similar to that of the SM prediction.