Particle Physics in Birmingham

Particle Physics Seminar

Wednesday 27th November 2019 at 13:30
Poynting Small Lecture Theatre

(tea, coffee and biscuits served at 13:15)

Future Circular Colliders

Bill Murray (CERN)


The LHC programme is yielding excellent physics, but thought is also being given to future collider options. In CERN and in Beijing there are dreams of a ring some 100km in circumference which could hold a super-LHC, with energy of perhaps 100 TeV. There is also the possibility of hosting an electron-positron collider in the same tunnel, with energy ranging from the Z peak up to 240 or 365 GeV, ZH or ttbar production regions. The physics goals of these large circular machines are discussed, with an emphasis on the CepC, which had updates in a workshop last week.