Some pictures of ME construction

Clicking on the small photo will bring up a larger version. In some cases the larger version is much larger - you have been warned!

One plane in building 181 at CERN Photo
The strip-laying machine in operation at Birmingham Photo
Lorry being loaded in Birmingham, Aston Webb building in the background Photo
Chambers being delivered by the Guild in Birmingham Photo
Several chambers stored in building 181 at CERN Photo
Developing chamber readout at Birmingham Photo
Chambers under test Photo
Photo: RAL
Assembly of a chamber at RAL Photo
Photo: RAL
A quadrant plane being transported by road from the CERN main site to the OPAL pit Photo
A tight squeeze! Photo
Quadrant safely down in the OPAL cavern: in the background is one EE endcap equipped with PE chambers Photo
Two quadrants installed vertically ready for action! Photo
Photo: Dennis Grant
Both left and right side near chambers can be seen. Note the smaller patch chambers. Photo