UK-B Site Qualification Request

1. Overview

The following documents and information form the basis of the UK-B request to be approved for Series Barrel Module Production. They are provided below in the format from the Site Qualification Needs Document:

For the UK-B Barrel Module project

Cluster Responsible: A Carter
Cluster Quality Control: D Charlton

Qualified teams exist for module assembly and metrology (RAL), hybrid assembly (Birmingham) and electrical testing (all UK-B institutes):

RAL: P Adkin, R Apsimon, P Booker, J Bizzell, V Davis, J Easton,  C Fowler, S McMahon, O Morris, PW Phillips, M Tyndel, G Villani 
Birmingham: P Bell, D Charlton, B Gallop, P Jovanovic, S Pyatt, X Serghi, J Wilson 
Cambridge: J Carter, M Palmer, D Robinson, A Sabetfakhri, C Barham, B Fromant 
Queen Mary, London: G Beck, A Belymam, A Carter, J Morris, S Lloyd 

Details of RAL work can be seen in this document (MS-Word format).

An overview of the UK-B module QA is given in the Outline of UK-B Module QA activities document (MS-Word format).

2. Steps to have been Completed

Production of 5 electrical modules, satisfying every aspect of the electrical and mechanical specifications listed in SCT-BM-FDR4 and SCT-BM-FDR7. For the summary, including yield, see: For the electrical and mechanical properties see:

3. Documentation

3(a). Manuals for Operator Use

Principal manuals:

Additional supporting information:

3(b). Batch traveller procedure

3(c). Procedure for Component Accountability and Yield Statistics


3(d). Visibility of Results to All Barrel Sites

The results are available via:

4. Required Facilities

The appropriate facilities are now in place at each of the 4 institutes, and include: