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ATLAS SCT work at Birmingham

The ATLAS semiconductor tracker SCT will be one of the main charged particle tracking devices in the ATLAS detector. Together with pixel detectors and a transition radiation tracking device, it forms the inner detector of ATLAS.

At Birmingham, our SCT work is on:

This works makes full use of the Particle Physics Silicon Laboratory.

Hybrid production and testing

Here in Birmingham we are assembling and testing the UK share of the ATLAS SCT barrel hybrids.

Hybrid assembly and test results, QA plots and summary statistics

Local ASIC information and summary statistics


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Results for modules built with the Birmingham-assembled hybrids are available from the main UK-B module assembly/testing database at RAL and from local pages here in Birmingham, at Cambridge, and at QMUL.
Older UK-B module results: qualification modules and earlier K4 hybrids

We are hosting the UK-B Module Site Qualification Documents

Notes on proposed UK-B electrical test result archival, including perl scripts

Opto-electronic data links

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