Hotels and Map


We recommend that you stay in hotels in the city centre where there is a large choice of restaurants and bars, and take the train to University each day from New Street Station. The journey time is 7 minutes and the University has its own railway station which is only 300 m from the conference venue.

The map shows a selection of hotels that were previously part of the block booking (now expired). Most of the hotels are within 5 minutes walk of New Street Station with the exception of the cheapest, the Ibis Budget hotel (F) which is 1km away (see above).

NB the Hotel Ibis City Centre (E) is currently (19/6) only marginally more expensive than the budget option and looks nicer too.

As the deadline booking for the centrally reserved accommodation has passed you will need to use the hotels own websites. Of course these are only suggestions and we cannot recommend based on experience nor host commercial links.

B - New Street Station

A - Macdonald Burlington Inn

C - Comfort Inn

D - Holiday Inn

E - Hotel Ibis Birmingham City Centre

F - Ibis Budget (formerly Etap)